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Bad Dog Toyz

Bad Dog Toyz are handcrafted training and play toys engineered and manufactured in Frankenmuth, Michigan proudly using American made rope.


Training tugs and monkey fists are not chew toys.  Playing tug and fetch builds your bond with your dog.  Toys are not a luxury for your dog, but are a necessity for your dog. Training your dog is intended to be fun for both you and your dog.


Moka's Story





I created my personal dog training aids and toys for my dog, Moka.  Today, I sell this popular, dog tested and approved toy to dogs all across the country.....

A training tug is commonly referred to as a training dummy.  You may be familiar with training dummies that are made of canvas or plastic.

  I created a training toy made of polypropylene rope simply because the canvas and plastic dummies quickly received puncture holes from my dog's grip and no longer floated and sank in the river.

Despite the constant lost toys in the river, I was also looking for additional benefits which I found using rope:

  • A toy that floats - puncture resistant

  • A toy in a color my dog can spot in the water

  • Material that is durable, stretch resistant, and safe for dogs 

  • A toy that is easy to clean - dishwasher safe


Get your animal safe dog toy today that your dog can see! 



 More health and safety reasons you should consider a "Bad Dog Toy"

  • A dog's vision is different than that of a human and your dog sees colors in the blue/yellow spectrum including contrasting colors making it easier to spot

    • Blue is easily identified by dogs in the grass

    • Yellow provides contrast for play in the water so your dog will be able to identify it quickly

  •  Use indoor and outdoors in wet or dry conditions

  • Very sturdy handle for playing tug and throwing long distances

  • Fits inside coat/sweatshirt pocket when on the go with your dog  AND

  • If your dog eats the toy - no worry - the fibers are 100% non toxic and will not bind up and make your dog sick.  Fibers will pass thru your dog naturally.

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Start your dog's story today..

...with a toy that takes you on your journey from season to season. To the lake, thru the snow and into the woods.  The perfect toy for your dog.

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Here is what our customers have to say...

Quotes from returning customers: 

"You were right"! 

"This is the best dog toy I have bought"

"Lasts longer than any other toy"..

"My dog loves this toy"  

Finally, American made dog toys!

Great investment for my dog.  He went crazy when he saw it!

We bought a monkey fist today and all I can say it WOW!!!  Our lab played fetch for the first time today and kept chasing it until he needed a nap!  


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